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Breathing Air Compressor SR-100D

Breathing Air Compressor SR-100D

Model: SR-100D 

Driving Device: Three-phase Alternating Current Motor or Single-phase Alternating Current Motor 


SR-100D Breathing Air Compressor, known as Air Inflator, with German advanced technology adopted and key components assembled domestically, can compress and inflate free and fresh air into Breathing Gas Cylinder. The compressor equipment can purify the compressed air through the second and third-stage oil-water separators and the filter, output clean high pressure breathing air without oil, inclusion, toxic and taste for emergencies and disasters releasing, fire fighting and diving operation. 

SR-100D Breathing Air Compressor is a whole set of equipment which inflate compressed air into the pressure of 225Bar or 330Bar, and adopts three cylinders, three-stage compression, air cooling and reciprocating piston compressor. The three-phase or single-phase motor can be used as driving device.