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Fire Fighting Helmet SR-F1041-03

Fire Fighting Helmet SR-F1041-03

Standard: EN443:2008

Material of outer shell: High temperature thermoplastic material PA66 with single reinforcement at top can be against impact and thermal protection.

Face shield material: High temperature Polycarbonate (PC) plastic.

Eye Protection of quick joint to the helmet in a pressure/disconnection system integarted to the helmet. It can be stored in the front and back of the helmet.

Eye Protection impacts, splashes of liquids, smoke, heat and hot solid. 


1. The lower cap is of foam for impact absorption with a reinforcement that allows to support blows.

2. Neck protection is nomex double layers flame retardant material neck protection.

3. Yellow color high visible reflective tape for helmet.

4. It has grille of internal support.

5. It has 3 points of integrated to the helmet with internal protection, resistant to thermal and mechanical impacts.

6. It has leather headhand with easy adjustable.

7. Free adjustment of the helmet. (54cm-62cm) 

8. Head Shell Heat resistant: 260C

9. It can assemble with Self-contained Breathing Apparatus when worn.


High temperature, heat resistant, anti-impact, anti abrasion, shock absorption and fire proof, comfortable and convenient to wear.


Prevent the head neck of fireman from the harm of the accidents when the firemen work in the fire place or dangerous situation.