Product Details

    Asbestos Rope

    Product Description:

    According to quality grade of fiber, it can be divided into five grades: common, A grade, AA grade, AAA grade, and AAAA grade

    The yarn can be reinforced by glass fiber yarn, brass yarn, and stainless steel yarn according to requirements.

    Twisted with two or more strands of long fiber yarn

    Metallic wire reinforced on request.


    Technical Data:

    Working Temperature: Less than or equal to 550Degree C

    Loss on ignition: ≤ 24%

    Dimension: 6.0mm-50.0mm

    Color: White



    Possessing the properties of fireproof, heat insulation, thermal retention, electric insulation and alkali resistance, these gasket and sealing stuff are essential to modern machinery, electrical machinery, steamship boiler, electrical engineering and other industries.