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Fire Gloves


1. Outer layer: Aramid Fiber

2. Waterproof layer: PTFE

3. Thermal Barrier: flame Retardant felt

4. Comfortable layer: 50% aramid fiber and 50% viscose


Palm: raw leather


The back of the hand: reflective tape.

Features: It is characterized by fire resistant and heat insulation, wear durability, waterproof, etc.


Style: Five Fingers


Usefulness: It is useful for protecting the fire fighter when working in the emergency situation.


Technical data

1, the overall thermal protective performance of TPP over 28cal / cm2

2, mechanical properties:

Wear resistant properties of > 2000N

Cutting force > 15N

Tear strength more than or equal to 50N

Piercing force is more than or equal to 60N

the dorsum of the hand stitched with a width not less than 50mm ,

Breathable capacity ≥ 5000g/square meter 24h  
Anti-static water-pressure ≥ 17000Pa

Continued Burning Time≤2s