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Fire Resistant Suit

Component part: Aluminized Fabrics coated with Heat resistant fabric, cotton lining.


Special property: Radiation Reflectivity: more than 90% (1000C)

Fire proof, radiant heat resistant, short time flame contact.


Two types: 1. Jacket and Pants

                     2. Jackets (SCBA bag on the back) and Pants


Style: Jacket and pants or coverall, made by jacket, pants, face shield, mitten, shoes covers.


Complete Suit consists of the following:-

Overall: An Overall is one piece suit or 2 pc. Jacket & trouser having Zipper & Stud fastner with or without Pouch on back to accommodate breathing apparatus. Stitching is done by KEVLAR Threads.

Face shield: Two elastisized straps to cover well below the shoulders. Hood has the visor consisting of curved plain and tinted poly carbonate & outer layer of thin transparent mica. The glass is chromeplate.

Mitten: 14 long five fingered type Gloves having stud fastener for better securing at wrist.

Shoes covers: are made of upper layer of aluminised glass fibre fabric & inner lining of high quality leather, with heavy duty zipper covered with aluminised fabric flap with extra stud for double protection. Special Neoprene Rubber sole in non skid pattern for use in oil / chemical / grease area.Metal toe for extra air-room & protection.


Application: Protecting fireman from the fire, when they approach, when they approach the fire, high temperature, heat oven or burnt things. Suit are used for rescue operations in an area of intense heat, fire, steam, hot liquid by fire fighters in industries like Petrochemical plants, foundries, plant, steel, glass, ceramics and etc.


Preservation: The fireman’s protective suit should be put in a dry place with air through to prevent the composite layer from falling off the suit after damped.